APMDigest released its annual list of 15 APM Predictions for the new year (Links to Predictions 1-5, 6-10, 11-15).  In the article, industry experts, IT consultants and vendors are asked how APM will change in 2015 and how those changes will impact businesses.  While the list is made up only of predictions, they are based on observations made by individuals who eat, breath and sleep APM (we have very exciting lives).

Many of InsightETE’s own initiatives made the cut, from converting APM into a business tool to leveraging big data to make real-time business decisions.  And while we would never discourage our readers from making new years resolutions that include cleaning the garage or sweating it out at the gym (good luck finding an available treadmill), we’d also like to highlight 3 of the APMDigest’s predictions and discuss why they would make great new years resolutions for your company as well!

Resolution #1: Make End User Experience the Focus


In your eyes…

We’ve been shamelessly preaching this one for a while and we’re not planning to get off the soap box anytime soon.  Companies must always be measuring and improving the end-user experience.  EUE is at the heart of APM.  Why?

Here’s where I usually share facts in order to make a compelling argument about the financial costs of poor application performance, but let’s face it, the reasoning is much simpler than that.  Quite frankly, customers get mad when technology doesn’t work.  When your site crashes, your apps fail or they suffer technical glitches, they pack up and move on.  Spoiler alert, they aren’t planning to come back either.  Cue that sad Peter Gabriel song from Say Anything.

All joking aside, measuring the EUE is crucial.  If your end-users are still the ones to notify IT that applications are down despite implementing APM, you have a major problem.  Knowledge is power, just make sure that in 2015 you’re the one with knowledge.

Resolution #2: Create a Holistic View of APM

There are so many tools and so little time.  There are also plenty of specializations within APM.  Heck, even the term APM can be confusing because they’re just so much to the discipline.  Having a single pane of glass is the way to go.  You need something that will correlate data from all your monitoring tools and display information simply.  It’s the place where anyone, from the Systems Administrator to the CEO, can go in order to see how applications are performing and how IT is impacting the business.

I know what you’re thinking… Single Pane of Glass, more like Single Pain in My A**.  Well APM vendors are working diligently to catch up to demand and we here at InsightETE offer a great product.  There’s a lot to consider when selecting a SPoG, so if this seems like a huge resolution, consider taking a few vendors for a spin with a product demonstration or proof of concept (shameless product pitch, our demos and POC’s are free!)

Resolution #3: Integrate APM into the SDLC

Don't worry, I'm sure it will work. No need to test!

We don’t need to test, they said. It will be fine, they said.

QA and performance testing is paramount to the successful launch of any new product.  Developing a new app or website without incorporating APM testing into the SDLC has proven disastrous in the past, just recall the healthcare.gov launch.

It can be tempting to skip these tests, particularly after several reworks and with looming deadlines, but no body wants to send their EU’s across rickety bridges and down unhappy paths.

It seems so simple, yet we talk to clients all the time that have cut their QA and Performance Testing groups due to budget constraints.  We recognize that this is a big resolution to make, after all it’s not easy to navigate through the politics of changing the SDLC, but the payoff could be immediate and we have faith in yah!


New years resolutions are personal.  Making them requires that you take the time to look inwards and ask yourself, how can I be better?  At InsightETE, we challenge you to take the same approach to your business and ask:

“Are we really focusing on the end-user experience?”, “Do we have a holistic view and approach to APM across the enterprise?” and “Will this app really work when it hits production?”

If these questions make you uneasy, or the answers are unknown, it’s time to start planning your 2015 APM new years resolutions as you bond with that treadmill.

About the Author

Tara Sharif has extensive experience in IT recruiting and sales.  She is consistently a top performer at every organization that employs her.  She is currently working as an Executive Account Manager at InsightETE where she partners with enterprise organizations to provide APM consulting services.  InsightETE is an Application Performance Management firm offering a full line of solutions and consulting services to fortune 1000 and larger companies, and an industry first 100% money back guarantee.