It’s all about levels of maturity when it comes to Application Performance Management. Fortune 1000 companies in every sector are currently striving to identify and advance their APM initiatives. The reasons for doing so are well documented, from gaining insight into application availability and performance, to tracking Service Level Agreements, and transforming IT into a full fledged partner to the business. With that in mind, let’s take a look at these levels in more detail.

InsightETE’s Levels of APM (Im)maturity

Level 0: What the Heck is Happening

Why so many alerts?!!!!

Why so many alerts?!?!?

Characterized by chaos, level 0 is no place to be. In this state, companies find themselves asking “are critical applications down right now?” and “why is this slow?” Worse, when things go wrong the causes and resolutions are often based on speculation. Unhappy end-users and blame storms are common at this stage.

Level 1: So Many Alerts, So Little Time

With at least some monitoring tools typically in place this level is slightly better. However, countless alerts come flooding in and it’s difficult to make sense of the reported data. While application availability may still be a mystery, component availability and application performance are generally managed now.

Ms. Cleo's APM Hotline

Call Ms. Cleo today… Or, maybe not

Level 2: Move Over Ms. Cleo

Ahhh, the beauty of automation. Alerts are under better control now, and application/system availability is too. Gone are the days of chaos and confusion. You’re now able to predict slowdowns and outages before they impact your end-users. Data is being collected, but much of it is still too cumbersome to be fully utilized. Time to start correlating.

Level 3: Look Ma, No Hands!

Want to know if SLA’s are being met, no problem! Interested in tracking service delivery and managing capacity planning, done! Finally, IT metrics are being put to use.  Congrats, a level of maturity has been reached that many companies strive for but so few reach. Now, if only this information could be tied to business decisions…

Level 4: IT and Business, Friends at Last

IT and Business are friends at last!

IT and Business are friends at last!

Much respect, you’ve achieved the holy grail of APM. At level 4, you’re able to measure the impact of IT on the bottom line. Business looks at IT as a partner instead of a cost center, and real-time decisions can be made based on APM data. This phase is characterized by a Single Pane of Glass with the ability to report on APM metrics for both IT and the business.


Knowing which level you’re at is great, but it’s really all about what you do with that information that matters. Advancing your level of APM maturity does not happen over night. It takes planning, time and and investment in the right tools, people and processes. If you find yourself at Level 0 or 1, don’t panic. Give us a call and we’ll help create a plan that will allow for rapid advancement of your APM. Stuck in level 2 or 3? We can help with that too!

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About the Author:

Tara Sharif has extensive experience in IT recruiting and sales.  She is consistently a top performer at every organization that employs her.  She is currently working as an Executive Account Manager at InsightETE where she partners with enterprise organizations to provide APM solutions. InsightETE is an Application Performance Management firm offering a full line of software and services to fortune 1000 and larger companies.  Tara can be reached at