PAPA: Behind the Scenes – Part 1 – Why?

So why did InsightETE feel the need to completely turn the idea of how we monitor systems on its head?  Simple.  Someone had to do it.  Nobody else was going in the right direction, so we decided: “why NOT us?”
Here’s what we mean…
In short, popular end-user-facing systems have been around since the 70′s… systems […]

The Top 8 Things to Look for When Making an APM Purchase Decision…

APM Tools are a massive investment. This is our evaluation criteria we recommend to all of our clients.
1. Does the product help you solve problems?
This one may seem obvious, and it is. However, this simple requirement can sometimes get lost when looking at a lot of slick displays. When the money is spent and […]

Our 4 Part Recipe for Building an Effective APM Single Pane of Glass (Part 4)

Last month I started this series, and we’ve actually covered quite a bit.  If this is your first viewing, I encourage you to take a look at the previous installments…

In Part 1 (link here) I discussed the first ingredient we used in our recipe for designing an effective Single Pane of Glass.  A quick […]

Our 4 Part Recipe for Building an Effective APM Single Pane of Glass (Part 3)

In Part 1 (link here) I discussed the first ingredient we used in our recipe for designing an effective Single Pane of Glass.  A quick recap:

For the purposes of this series, APM is referring to Application Performance Monitoring, a segment of IT Performance Management.  Most of the principles we’ll be discussing here will be more […]

Our 4 Part Recipe for Building an Effective APM Single Pane of Glass (Part 2)

In Part 1 (link here) I discussed the first ingredient we used in our recipe for designing an effective Single Pane of Glass.  A quick recap:

For the purposes of this series, APM is referring to Application Performance Monitoring, a segment of IT Performance Management.  Most of the principles we’ll be discussing here will be more […]

Our 4 Part Recipe for Building an Effective APM Single Pane of Glass (Part 1)

The concept of a single pane of glass is easy to grasp… build a tool that can handle multiple feeds of data, compile and summarize that data into logical and simple nuggets of wisdom, and as a result… have a single place that anyone can go to in order to see the data they […]

3 New Years Resolutions That Won’t Break a Sweat

APMDigest released its annual list of 15 APM Predictions for the new year (Links to Predictions 1-5, 6-10, 11-15).  In the article, industry experts, IT consultants and vendors are asked how APM will change in 2015 and how those changes will impact businesses.  While the list is made up only of predictions, they are […]

Elf on the (IT) Shelf

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake…

Terrifying lyrics, really. But despite the creepiness, this treasured song continues to blast through stereos relentlessly at every store you visit this holiday season. Also heard everywhere these days is […]

How to Transform Into a Proactive IT Dept in 3 Steps

Is your IT department stuck in reactive mode? To be pro-active means that you do not wait for things to happen, but instead work towards creating desired outcomes. Proactive companies are both tactical and strategic in their approach to IT.  Their tactical items focus on what IT is doing today while their strategic action […]

APM Levels of (Im)maturity: As Told by InsightETE

It’s all about levels of maturity when it comes to Application Performance Management. Fortune 1000 companies in every sector are currently striving to identify and advance their APM initiatives. The reasons for doing so are well documented, from gaining insight into application availability and performance, to tracking Service Level Agreements, and transforming IT into […]

Your APM vendors are allergic to the word “GUARANTEE”

Did you hear? Compuware is offering its customers a 100% money back guarantee!

No, no, they aren’t. Seriously, they aren’t.  As a matter of fact, no one is!

But, wouldn’t it be great if your APM tool vendor offered a 100% money back guarantee? Not only on their tools and software, but also on their consulting […]

Don’t be the next #FAIL! 6 QA and Performance Tests Every Company Needs


Let’s face it, customers expect the world. They want the best deal, great service and rapid delivery. Should a company deny them those rights, so help them they will turn to social media for justice! Just look to apps like Twitter, Yelp or Facebook for countless examples of times customers have voiced their dissatisfaction […]

IT’S ALIVE!!! How IT Breathes and What That Means for SaaS in the Long Run…

In the beginning there was the Colossus.  Or maybe it was Babbage’s Analytical Engine… whatever.  It was made… it was good.  But there could be no multi-tasking… there could be only one user at a time.  So.. maybe it wasn’t so good.  But hey… nobody gets it right the first time!

Fast forward to the […]

The 5 Biggest APM Blunders and How to Make Sure it Doesn’t Happen to You

Let’s start by examining common reasons APM efforts fail:
1. Business process was made to conform to tools, not the other way around
IT should serve the business. It should go without saying then that IT should also serve business processes. Unfortunately, tools are often purchased based on their popularity without first thoroughly vetting their fit […]

The Biggest Lie in the APM Industry that Both Customers and Vendors Believe

The fact is, you just can’t buy innovation.  Companies tend to believe they can.  When they see a small company with a technology they like the normal response is to buy it up.  This either gives them the opportunity to silence the product so their competing product has a chance to take over, or […]

Don’t Panic – Interviews Are Mostly Harmless: The Candidate’s Guide to Landing the Job

Job interviews can be terrifying. You’re nervous about answering difficult questions, unsure of how to handle salary negotiations and hesitant to get too excited only to be let down. Focusing on these concerns will only distract you from properly preparing. Don’t Panic! Interviews are mostly harmless. So what’s the painful part? The preparation. Follow […]

Why Transparency is the Bedrock of Any Successful APM Implementation

Transparency is important for many reasons. Knowledge is the fuel to solve problems and create opportunity.  Giving everyone the knowledge maximizes the power of the team.
Report reality, not perception
In life, perception of a problem is usually worse than reality and complaints about IT services are no exception.  To put this into perspective, for a […]

Why You Should Hire an APM Consulting Firm

It’s no secret that there is a skills gap amongst many of the technical professions today. Perhaps few categories face the extreme shortage of IT professionals with Application Performance Management (APM) skills. Last year, nearly 80% of APM positions went unfilled due to the lack of qualified candidates available in the marketplace. Of the […]

Consumers vs Producers

I learned how to program when I was four years old. I am fairly unique in that regard. Now, before the slew of “me too’s” and “my son/daughter started using my iPad when they were 2″ thoughts overwhelm you, please understand that programming a computer is very different from using a computer. This blog […]

Why Baselines and Statistics are Absolutely Paramount to Your Sanity in APM

It’s 5:45am and your phone is going off. It is another text message from that monitoring tool that just won’t quit waking you up. You know that this happens every day at the exact same time, but you have to get up and check on it regardless. What if this time something is ACTUALLY […]

3 Critical Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Monitoring Investment

IT Performance and Availability monitoring can be a complicated and expensive endeavor. Getting to the point where it is all worth it can be a challenge. Unfortunately, many companies (sometimes even very large companies) tend to get as far as basic availability monitoring and then stop there because the additional steps appear to be too complicated. This essentially turns a potentially multi-million dollar investment into little more than an automated tattletale. Even worse, many times proper monitoring hasn’t been implemented that can even legitimize the rest of the data being collected so the result isn’t just a tattletale, but a tattletale that is giving inaccurate results. Here’s 3 ways to get over those hurdles and get some real value out of your investment: […]

3 Easy Steps to Get Your IT Performance Analysis Noticed and Acted Upon

Numbers don’t lie, but they can certainly be confusing if they aren’t told with a good story behind them. Context, interpretation, and maybe even a little flare is critical to getting your message heard, understood, trusted, and most importantly: acted upon. […]

3 Things Every IT Director Needs to Know About Implementing a Solid Performance Management Culture

A solid performance management culture requires a lot more than purchasing the right tools and hiring a team that can use them. Without the full support of the rest of the IT organization a company will see little benefit from the investment. Such a buy-in requires quite a change in the way most people think about what it means to be accountable. Here are 5 things every IT Director must know in order to get a good R.O.I. on their Performance Management investment. […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Multiple Vendors in Your IT Environment

1. Nobody can be everything to everybody

It is a simple marketing rule that holds true in the real world as well. Nobody can do it all with top quality. One vendor might have the world-leading synthetic monitoring solution while another vendor might be the absolute best with server monitoring. While those companies might be capable in all areas, they typically only shine in one or two. Why put the responsibility of lowering the extreme cost of downtime into a single “capable” vendor when you can put it into the hands of a few “exceptional” vendors? […]

The Many Faces of IT Performance Management

IT Performance Management is more than just a single tool or technology. It is a set of disciplines that all come together to drive down the cost of errors in IT environments. The idea is to try and predict the future with Performance Testing, keep a finger on the pulse of the production environment with Production Monitoring, and long term goals are generally covered with Capacity Planning. All of it is tied together by the reporting end of the discipline because, let’s face it, all the data in the world is useless if we can’t make heads or tails of it. So, let’s take a look at the four main disciplines in a little more detail: […]

IT Application Monitoring 101


Application monitoring is the act of using some sort of tool to ensure that an application is responding as expected. The results of those periodic checks are sent to a central location and any errors are raised to the appropriate application team to work on getting the issue resolved. This is done to ensure the highest possible level of service availability for the application and, ideally, catch errors before they impact the end users of the application. […]