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Financial Industry

Before InsightETE a major financial firm had no reliable way to monitor old systems like ATMs, point of sale systems and other systems which could not support synthetic transactions. When it came to legacy systems the firm had no visibility on the user’s experience.

This financial institution evaluated 12 competing vendors and InsightETE was the only company that could follow-through on their claims adapt themselves to the legacy systems they had in place. InsightETE was the only vendor that could actually do what they said they could do. While countless hours were being spent in rewriting scripts for InsightETE’s competitor’s products, InsightETE was able to run through multiple application code changes with no modifications needed to InsightETE’s systems. Less time lost means less cost wasted and InsightETE saved the financial institution a lot of time.

After they began aggressively acquiring companies there was an absolute need to bring InsightETE in because problems existed concerning the assimilation of a multitude of legacy systems from the acquired companies.

In an extremely short period of time after working with InsightETE their ATMs were totally monitored, and business data was tracked from response times to user experience. In the end, the financial institution was very pleased with InsightETE and expanded InsightETE into 5 other troubled systems.

Major Utilities Company

The Major Utilities Company’s goals for the reorganization of their IT department were simple:

    Enhance the business value that IT provides to business ends
    Align IT efforts with business strategies company wide
    Ensure that IT can help shape business strategies company wide

The utilities provider needed help creating a new Service Level Management process for its IT department. They needed a system that was understandable to both the IT department and management.

InsightETE worked closely with management and IT, to develop a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that was acceptable and understandable to both parties within two weeks.

Next, InsightETE began installing the measurement and performance reporting tools that would make the SLA stick. It was determined that the most critical services provided by the company’s IT department were mainframe availability and response time.

The first phase was to install software “agents” in strategic areas of the company’s IT infrastructure, creating a system that would automatically report service interruptions. Next, InsightETE developed a means of examining this data to determine these interruptions.

The system measured performance over the entire path of a transaction – from the user’s PC to the mainframe and back. This gave IT personnel performance statistics from the user’s point of view. They got a report of the availability of the entire system – not just pieces of it. And if a transaction failed, they could see exactly where the failure occurred.

In the end, IT had a tool that allowed them to quickly pinpoint and eliminate problems. Business users had a system that gave them facts about how well IT was meeting the terms of the SLA. Now, the company’s IT department and business units are able to work as partners, and focus their combined efforts on meeting the company’s business goals.


Before working with InsightETE, a large logistics company had a glaring problem. They had service level agreements with their customers that mandated the delivery of sensitive e-commerce/EDI data in a short period of time after receiving it. Inside of the service level agreements with their customers, this company made guarantees about availability and response times. Their customers depended on them to deliver critical purchase orders, shipment notices and acknowledgements to their trading partners. When the company’s systems were down or sluggish, the logistics company and it’s customers incurred heavy financial penalties for missing deadlines. And if that wasn’t a difficult enough environment, they was unable to adequately measure the service level agreements so that they could improve their efforts.

Working with InsightETE was an excellent experience. InsightETE provided a competitive advantage by accurately tracking customer data from end to end regardless of the customer’s transmission method. Daily and monthly objective service level agreement metrics were then developed for each customer so that they could see first hand the picture of availability and response times working with the company.

By working with InsightETE, this logistics company was able to dramatically improve customer retention, nearly eliminate the heavy financial burden of missing on service level agreements and obtain new clients by creating and implementing an innovative approach to service level agreement management.

State Government

The Business Problem
Problems with a key application were resulting in 6-10 second average delays for every transaction with the worst taking up to 10 minutes to complete. Each IT group performed their own separate analyses and found nothing wrong.

A State Government Agency asked InsightETE to

  • Analyze the problem
  • Measure the actual response time of the WOTC application
  • Pinpoint the problems and determine corrections to be made
  • Assist in improving response time

InsightETE’s Solution
InsightETE pinpointed the problems. InsightETE’s proprietary and patented systems were installed and collecting data within 4 hours. Within a week, the data was analyzed and the results presented to agency management.

Two problems were found. Several inquiry transactions that were repeatedly hanging, and other transaction types were configured with incorrect database lookups. Once the specific problems were identified, the IT staff quickly corrected both problems.

The InsightETE ROI
The results were stunning. The average response times decreased to 2 seconds, while end-user productivity improved by 59%. Employees who were processing 2200 transactions per day now were completing 3500 transactions per day. This amounts to a total productivity savings of about $400,000 per year.

The Client’s Reaction
The agency was so impressed with the results, that they permanently installed Insight:SLM to monitor and track their four most important applications used by the department.

Health Care Industry

At hospital networks systems performance is a critical point of emphasis. It can be a matter of life and death. If a surgery is being performed and a doctor needs to check whether or not a patient is allergic to a certain medication, not having that information could be disastrous. Because of this reality a major healthcare provider had to have an EMR response time of no longer than 4 seconds. InsightETE helped this organization wrap their arms around the source of slow response times in their EMR systems and was able to ensure that potentially life-saving SLA was met.