Before InsightETE a major financial firm had no reliable way to monitor old systems like ATMs, point of sale systems and other systems which could not support synthetic transactions. When it came to legacy systems the firm had no visibility on the user’s experience.

This financial institution evaluated 12 competing vendors and InsightETE was the only company that could follow-through on their claims adapt themselves to the legacy systems they had in place. InsightETE was the only vendor that could actually do what they said they could do. While countless hours were being spent in rewriting scripts for InsightETE’s competitor’s products, InsightETE was able to run through multiple application code changes with no modifications needed to InsightETE’s systems. Less time lost means less cost wasted and InsightETE saved the financial institution a lot of time.

After they began aggressively acquiring companies there was an absolute need to bring InsightETE in because problems existed concerning the assimilation of a multitude of legacy systems from the acquired companies.

In an extremely short period of time after working with InsightETE their ATMs were totally monitored, and business data was tracked from response times to user experience. In the end, the financial institution was very pleased with InsightETE and expanded InsightETE into 5 other troubled systems.