Elf on the Shelf

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake…

Terrifying lyrics, really. But despite the creepiness, this treasured song continues to blast through stereos relentlessly at every store you visit this holiday season. Also heard everywhere these days is talk of the Elf on the Shelf. For those of you asking what Elf on the Shelf is all about, it’s an equally creepy holiday tradition that has gained traction these last few years.

To catch you up to speed…Elf on the Shelf is the story of an elf who visits each children’s home from Thanksgiving through December 25th. Here are a few extra details:

  • The elf serves as a scout for Santa Clause, watching (read spying on) each child’s behavior
  • The elf can be found in a different place throughout the house each day
  • He or she flies home each night to the North Pole to submit the daily report

Why is it creepy? Well just look at the elf’s face (see picture above, and I mean really stare at the face for a minute).  Plus the idea that someone is always watching isn’t necessarily comforting (think Big Brother or NSA).

But what about something watching over your enterprise applications instead? Application Performance Management (APM) is often accused of serving as an Elf on the (IT) Shelf.  Essentially, APM has developed a bad rep as a creepy tattle-telling doll that watches over the every move of IT staff members.  However, this is not at all the case.

APM is actually a set of tools and processes designed to watch over the end-user experience and identify cases of poor application performance or availability.  It is meant to be a resource to IT professionals so that they can perform root-cause analysis, improve IT service delivery and improve the customer experience.

If you find that your customers still know about application problems before you do, then perhaps it’s time to invest in an Application Performance Management solution that can give your company better visibility into the true end-user experience.  You don’t have to be afraid of APM, it won’t haunt your dreams like the all-seeing Elf on the Shelf.  Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays, from InsightETE

Happy Holidays, from InsightETE

About the Author

Tara Sharif has extensive experience in IT recruiting and sales.  She is consistently a top performer at every organization that employs her.  She is currently working as an Executive Account Manager at InsightETE where she partners with enterprise organizations to provide APM consulting services.  InsightETE is an Application Performance Management firm offering a full line of solutions and consulting services to fortune 1000 and larger companies, and an industry first 100% money back guarantee.