October 9, 2014

InsightETE offers money back guarantee to enhance its APM software offering

Revolutionary Application Performance Management Firm prepares to offer its software clients a 100% money back guarantee.

In a market where traditional sales and delivery models employed by APM firms have left companies wanting and lacking in results, InsightETE has announced that it is ready to provide what no one else in the industry is willing to by offering a 100% money back guarantee.

“InsighETE’s money back guarantee policy is the first of its kind in the industry, and the purpose behind it is to demonstrate the confidence we have in our technology, experience, and personnel.” Remarked Bill Johns, CEO of InsightETE.  Bill added, “The true impact of this policy will be measured by the results we will achieve for our clients.”

Under the current model of business, Customers pay for software and tools to assist in their APM initiatives and efforts.  In addition, fees are paid for licensing, consulting, training, and adding tool experts to their staff, with the hope that this effort will enable their IT organization to optimize their APM.  The problem an ever increasing number of clients experience with this model is that the software and tools provided by the vendors are not optimized to provide the solutions the client’s seek.

“Most of the APM tools available from the large providers are a mishmash of their acquisitions over the years.” stated Matt Bradford CTO of InsightETE and continued, “essentially what is being sold as a cohesive APM package is really just multiple tools from multiple vendors covered under the umbrella of a larger company.”  Matt followed by saying, “When vendors acquire and repackage tools together, there is no synergy between the software.  Worse, there is no technical expertise to create cohesion between the offerings.   The net result is that companies who are using these tools are left with ownership of multiple tools that create redundancies, increase human and capital expenditures, without delivering on the initial promise made by the vendor.”

“Ultimately, we’re putting our money where our mouth is” Brian continues, “This policy gives us the freedom to explore creative means of fulfilling our client’s APM needs while removing the financial risks associated with APM vendor selection.” Brian followed, “Offering a money back guarantee is not difficult when you’re confident in your ability to deliver on your promise, and our promise is: our client’s will realize at least a 100% ROI of their investment in our firm within a year or we will return their fees paid.”

About InsightETE

InsightETE offers a variety of solutions to assist fortune 1000 and larger companies take control of their APM (Application Performance Monitoring), including consulting, staffing, and a powerful software suite aimed accelerating and simplifying their APM initiatives. InsightETE offers a proprietary and patented method to perform root cause analysis in 15 minutes or less. InsightETE’s software gives their clients the ability to measure and troubleshoot IT system performance on a granular level. Additionally, InsightETE clients can measure true response time, track service levels, and reduce outages as they root out problems from their verified source. What’s more, their clients see an increase in their customer service satisfaction by eliminating service level disagreements.


Tara Sharif