Before working with InsightETE, a large logistics company had a glaring problem. They had service level agreements with their customers that mandated the delivery of sensitive e-commerce/EDI data in a short period of time after receiving it. Inside of the service level agreements with their customers, this company made guarantees about availability and response times. Their customers depended on them to deliver critical purchase orders, shipment notices and acknowledgements to their trading partners. When the company’s systems were down or sluggish, the logistics company and it’s customers incurred heavy financial penalties for missing deadlines. And if that wasn’t a difficult enough environment, they was unable to adequately measure the service level agreements so that they could improve their efforts.

Working with InsightETE was an excellent experience. InsightETE provided a competitive advantage by accurately tracking customer data from end to end regardless of the customer’s transmission method. Daily and monthly objective service level agreement metrics were then developed for each customer so that they could see first hand the picture of availability and response times working with the company.

By working with InsightETE, this logistics company was able to dramatically improve customer retention, nearly eliminate the heavy financial burden of missing on service level agreements and obtain new clients by creating and implementing an innovative approach to service level agreement management.