The Business Problem
Problems with a key application were resulting in 6-10 second average delays for every transaction with the worst taking up to 10 minutes to complete. Each IT group performed their own separate analyses and found nothing wrong.

A State Government Agency asked InsightETE to

  • Analyze the problem
  • Measure the actual response time of the WOTC application
  • Pinpoint the problems and determine corrections to be made
  • Assist in improving response time

InsightETE’s Solution
InsightETE pinpointed the problems. InsightETE’s proprietary and patented systems were installed and collecting data within 4 hours. Within a week, the data was analyzed and the results presented to agency management.

Two problems were found. Several inquiry transactions that were repeatedly hanging, and other transaction types were configured with incorrect database lookups. Once the specific problems were identified, the IT staff quickly corrected both problems.

The InsightETE ROI
The results were stunning. The average response times decreased to 2 seconds, while end-user productivity improved by 59%. Employees who were processing 2200 transactions per day now were completing 3500 transactions per day. This amounts to a total productivity savings of about $400,000 per year.

The Client’s Reaction
The agency was so impressed with the results, that they permanently installed Insight:SLM to monitor and track their four most important applications used by the department.