t-Monitor 2


Get beyond the network packets.

tMonitor measures transaction response time for both the server environment and network down to the user workstation. It also collects both network and server environment availability information for all end-users. tMonitor is a stand-alone Unix/Linux based device running the InsightETE transaction filter (tFilter™) to measure network and server environment time and availability filters (tsAvail™ and tnAvail™) to track network and server availability. It is typically placed in the network segment where the production servers reside.

Max-Size_Icon_T-Monitor_ParalaxxThe tMonitor watches transaction traffic from every end-user and creates a transaction audit trail for every system it is designated to watch. This audit trail consists of information for each “end-user” transactions from the end-user view. To an end-user, a transaction response time is the time from when a request is started, usually when an enter key or mouse click is hit, until the response returns and is displayed on the user’s workstation.

tMonitor gathers the “what”, “when”, “where”, “who” and “time” for each transaction including:

  • begin and end timestamp for the transaction
  • time spent on the network
  • time spent in the server environment
  • customer IP address
  • network segment where the end-user resides
  • server IP address
  • Transaction ID
  • User ID
  • return code for the transaction
  • and additional information depending on the type of application (i.e. entity tags for BPM, software release, etc)


tMonitor can work with any type of system including mainframe, Unix, Tandem, and Microsoft based platforms. Any “client-server” type system can be readily and instantly monitored. Many protocols, using both UDP and TCPIP based transports, have additional capabilities including:

  • Bank ATMs
  • Argo Data
  • Spectrum
  • MQ Series
  • CICS
  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • Jacada etc.

tFilter™ can easily be configured for any “home grown” type application.


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HTTP Web, including Collection of Information from both client and server public areas
Databases (ORACLE,MSSQL,DB2) includes time to render result sets as well as time for client to fetch results, also has time to do security checks
MQSERIES IBMs messaging System; Easily adaptable to other messaging systems using the InsightETE SDK
Bank ATM Systems (NCR, DieBold) Extend collection to include Business data, Cash Amounts, Denial Codes, BIN, etc
Point of Sale (VISA,STAR,FDR,etc) Like ATMs, Extend collection to include Business data, Cash Amounts, Denial Codes, etc
ARGO Teller System Gets Tellers UserID and gets over 50 business Processes. Also, extend collection to include business data, cash amounts, denial codes, etc
IBM Mainframe (TN3270, SNA, CICS) Use one Monitor to do all your systems, including IBM Mainframes
FLEX AMF Gets the UserID, Process and more
RMI Java Remote Method Invocation
Imaging Medical Imaging Systems
Spectrum UDP based Dispatch System


A tMonitor module is a small piece of software that the InsightETE tMonitor system uses to analyze the network packets being monitored by the system. It breaks down the packets into meaningful chunks of data which is then passed up to the SLMS server for further analysis and categorization.

In many cases, you don’t! InsightETE supports dozens of protocols out of the box. However, the power of our data collector (tMonitor) lies in the fact that it can be customized in order to gather data from any source of network traffic. Our Software Development Kit allows for you, our customer, to create your own protocol modules if you’re comfortable enough with the technology to make the attempt. However, some protocols are more difficult than others, and some businesses just don’t have the time or resources to assign a person to do that type of work. In those instances, that is where our service of Custom tMontitor Protocol development becomes extremely valuable.

There are two main categories of customization when dealing with tMonitor/tFilter development. They are: New Protocols, and Custom Business Data from existing protocols.

New Protocols are fairly straight-forward. If there is a system which needs monitored and the way it communicates is different than the out-of-the-box protocols that are shipped with the product, then it can still be monitored by crafting a new protocol around the communication style of the application. Custom Business Data requests are where the real fun begins. Say you’re running a web application and you need to know how many orders you’re processing and how much money you’ve made that day in real time. We can modify our HTTP protocol to capture those business metrics and report them in a Custom Information Center Module.

Perhaps you run a bank and you need tomonitor your ATM fleet. Cash amounts can be gathered on every single transaction. With it you could determine exactly how much money is flowing in and out of any individual ATM machine.

Finally, what if you were running a large network of hospitals and you needed to find out how fast a patient record lookup system was performing for each individual doctor? What if you also needed to know which patient records were taking too long to render on the every doctor’s computer? With this service and our tool-set, you can find all that out, solve all those problems, and -finally- be home in time to have dinner with your family.

Custom module development is generally able to be done in two weeks or less and starts at only $12,000! Get in touch with us today to go over how we can help you customize your dashboard in ways previously thought to be impossible in the industry.