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Your company may have already made a significant investment in a performance management suite of products. Perhaps a synthetic monitoring system is already in place? Or, maybe server metrics are being gathered and stored by a completely different tool? What about items that aren’t directly performance metrics but have a strong relationship to them such as trouble tickets and change management systems?

These systems require your team to learn multiple products and correlate these mountains of data in their head or on an external spreadsheet.

Difficult. Time consuming. Inefficient.

InsightETE’s Universal Information Center features a modular Dashboard which can import data from any performance-related data source. The result is a versatile system that can be configured in a multitude of ways to ensure:

  • Only the data which a user needs to see is present on their dashboard.
  • Every user has the ability to visualize their data in a single interface regardless of the tool of origin.
  • In many cases, the external data can be manipulated and subjected to the same statistical analysis as InsightETE native data.


A single, easy-to-use interface that anyone from a CEO to a data-center engineer can use to view data that is the most important to them.


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Your business is different.

Even highly regulated businesses have unique reporting needs that cannot be met with an out-of-the-box solution. InsightETE has always allowed custom reporting by providing a detailed schema of our database for our end-user’s use. NOW, InsightETE Information Center has implemented a highly customizable and easy to use Custom Reporting System that does not knowledge of SQL or databases.

Dive into any facet of the data collected by InsightETE decide how to sort it, filter it, and put it all together to suit your company needs. Our Custom Reporting Tool will also email reports to your specified contact lists on a set schedule.

Finally, reports can be generated on time, every time, and delivered directly to inboxes.


Static thresholds don’t work.

Universal DashboardA large enterprise application has cycles it goes through as the day progresses. It has a different cycle it goes through during the week. And many times even another cycle as the month progresses. A single threshold of “no transactions over 3 seconds” might make perfect sense in some situations, but in low-volume times, a transaction time in the 2.5 second range might indicate a serious performance issue which will turn that 2.5 second response time into 10 or 15 seconds when the application is at its peak load. Alerting has to be based upon how the application is expected to perform at any given time in order to be effective at pro-active problem resolution.

InsightETE’s Universal Information Center solves this problem by tracking the baseline response time of every business view by hour of the day and by day of the week. We can then alert if the average response time for a specified time period is beyond a standard deviation away from the norm. This effectively gives the user a completely self-configured auto-adjusting alerting threshold based upon how the application is expected to perform at any given time of day. No longer constantly monitor and adjust the thresholds for hundreds of business transactions. The Universal Information Center does it all for you.

Additonal Analytics Abilities

  • Charting of standard deviation to locate “Business Views” with erratic response times
  • Trending of volume and performance over time using statistical models
  • Bell-curve reports to make it clear how common the outliers are within a statistical model
  • And more


Is your data useless?

The past decade has been spent gathering data. Companies have gathered mountains of data that make the Library of Congress look small and outdated. Today, companies have all of the data they need with systems in place to gather even more. But, they have very little information.
At insightETE, we believe data is useless if you cannot draw meaningful and actionable information from it.

It is with that belief in mind that we set out to design a tool that can not only gather the data needed, but can also synthesize that data into useful information.
Here are a few things that informed our process

  1. We decided not to assume that every client was going to use our tool exclusively. In fact we’re big proponents of multiple vendor IT environments for a lot of reasons.
  2. There’s a ton of data out there. We chose to implement most configuration automatically to ensure the quickest results for our clients.
  3. Math has been around a lot longer than computer science. Statistics work. So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we decided to use sound statistical theories and equations and applied them to IT Performance Management.
  4. We know our limits. We can’t think of every single thing our clients might want to see. Therefore, we provide our clients with the ability to create custom reports.


For a free proof of concept and to learn more about our 100% money back guarantee, give us a call at (614) 340-1837 today.



Custom Information Center Modules can be used to produce a new bulb on the Universal Dashboard with a great deal of flexibility in how that data is displayed and how a user can drill down into it. The data can either come from InsightETE’s collection tools, or can be correlated with data from any other database. Some common reasons for having a Custom Information Center Module developed include:

  • The need to show business metrics on the dashboard
    • Money made from salesfinancial_screenshot
    • Money spent on purchases
    • Number of items sold
    • Number of items processed
    • Average number of users on a system
    • Transaction failure codes
    • And many more
  • The need to manipulate the data in a specific way
    • Money made in relation to transaction volume
    • Regional heatmap of business or performance metrics
    • Real-time top producers reporting
    • Correlating external data with InsightETE data
    • Correlating external data with other external data
    • And many other uses!

Custom module development is generally able to be done in two weeks or less and starts at only $12,000! Get in touch with us today to go over how we can help you customize your dashboard in ways previously thought to be impossible in the industry.