The Major Utilities Company’s goals for the reorganization of their IT department were simple:

    Enhance the business value that IT provides to business ends
    Align IT efforts with business strategies company wide
    Ensure that IT can help shape business strategies company wide

The utilities provider needed help creating a new Service Level Management process for its IT department. They needed a system that was understandable to both the IT department and management.

InsightETE worked closely with management and IT, to develop a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that was acceptable and understandable to both parties within two weeks.

Next, InsightETE began installing the measurement and performance reporting tools that would make the SLA stick. It was determined that the most critical services provided by the company’s IT department were mainframe availability and response time.

The first phase was to install software “agents” in strategic areas of the company’s IT infrastructure, creating a system that would automatically report service interruptions. Next, InsightETE developed a means of examining this data to determine these interruptions.

The system measured performance over the entire path of a transaction – from the user’s PC to the mainframe and back. This gave IT personnel performance statistics from the user’s point of view. They got a report of the availability of the entire system – not just pieces of it. And if a transaction failed, they could see exactly where the failure occurred.

In the end, IT had a tool that allowed them to quickly pinpoint and eliminate problems. Business users had a system that gave them facts about how well IT was meeting the terms of the SLA. Now, the company’s IT department and business units are able to work as partners, and focus their combined efforts on meeting the company’s business goals.