Did you hear? Compuware is offering its customers a 100% money back guarantee!

No, no, they aren’t. Seriously, they aren’t.  As a matter of fact, no one is!

But, wouldn’t it be great if your APM tool vendor offered a 100% money back guarantee? Not only on their tools and software, but also on their consulting and services?

Today, we at InsightETE are pleased to announce the commencement of our 100% money back guarantee program.

more salesI’m sorry, what’s that you say?

“An APM firm offering a money back guarantee? Preposterous!” You might think. Well, it’s not, and that is exactly what we plan to offer our clients.

For years, nay! decades, companies with varying sized IT infrastructure, multiple apps, and tools have looked to traditional APM vendors to provide solutions that will help them gain and maintain control of various applications that are integral to their success.

The problem is that although the technology in applications has evolved over the past decades, the offerings from these companies has not kept pace.  More importantly, the vendors have not changed their mentality behind their offerings. Big name vendors still rely on gobbling up (as in buying, not creating) innovative technology and cramming it into their existing offering to provide a “complete solution”. This outdated methodology succeeds in achieving lackluster results at best, and that’s because there’s no real cohesion between the offerings, and absolutely no expertise in bringing everything together. (See this brilliant article for more)

Traditionally, a company in need of APM solutions will reach out to a well-known vendor to provide them with the tools necessary for their needs. More often, the company will reach out to multiple vendors because no single vendor has the ability to provide a complete suite of monitoring tools. Oh, and by the way, you can forget about one vendor’s software playing nice with another vendor’s software, because that’s just the way it is!

kermit integrationYou didn’t realize an ROI on the tools you bought from your vendor? Well, that’s just too bad; maybe you should hire some of their tool experts, *cough*, to help integrate their tools with what you already have in place at your organization. Except, like we already covered, their tools don’t like to play well with their competitor’s tools; so integration goes out the window. Now you have to hire more resources, and allocate more hard to come by dollars to your new team to administer your new tools. This has been the problem with tradition APM offerings and will continue to be so long as we accept the status quo.

This is the reason why no one is willing to offer a money back guarantee, and the fundamental difference between InsighETE and the other guys. The vendors you’re accustomed to doing business with are in the business of selling the software they have acquired over the years. Their goal is to maximize the revenue they can create by selling their “tools” by combining them into a package.   From there, what you do with them is up to you.


This is where InsightETE is fundamentally different from other APM vendors. We believe in a holistic approach to help companies finally gain control of their applications. We believe that once an organization really knows what’s going on with their IT infrastructure, including systems management, network monitoring, web performance monitoring, and application instrumentation, they can begin to become a proactive organization. A proactive organization can spend its resources on innovation and revenue generation.

We’re so confident in our technology and expertise that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If after one year of implementing our tools and services, you don’t realize AT LEAST 100% ROI on your investment with us, we will cut you a check for what you paid us!

It’s that simple.  We don’t perform, you don’t pay.  What a concept!

guarentee it

Your move big guys.

About InsightETE:

InsightETE utilizes a patented approach to APM, including, an industry first blend of active and passive monitoring.  We offer a true single pane of glass to simplify your monitoring efforts.  The single pane of glass is designed to work with your existing software and vendors, be it developed in house or externally.  Our unique approach and expertise allow drill down and incident specific root cause analysis in 15 minutes of less!  Our consulting services will help you make sense of your tools environment and streamline your organization’s resources to derive more revenue from less.